2 years, $500+ BILLION Samolians

That is what the audit of the Obama HUD shows.

$500 billion in 2016.

$3.4 billion in 2015.

So bad even the auditors aren’t sure WTF is going on. 

All that money, unaccounted for because of terrible accounting practices.

No one is sure exactly what was done, or where they money went.

If I had done my business accounting using these methods, the IRS would own the business next audit.

Being Federal employees though, I doubt that there is an accountability though….

3 thoughts on “2 years, $500+ BILLION Samolians

  1. It's the damnation of bureaucrats. No matter what is right, or legal, the tasks must be completed to keep the paycheck coming.

  2. It probably went to a bunch of FOO (Friends of Obama) and as a slush fund for leftist organizations related to housing "advocacy".

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