What about the other officers?

So by now I am sure you’ve see, read or heard on media the story of the Utah nurse who was arrested for following the policy of the hospital she worked at (and the LAW, BTW) regarding a blood sample and an unconscious man under her care.

Now, the officer who arrested her is on Administrative leave. Which is something, if not the answer.

A couple of points that no one else is bringing up:

There were other officers on the scene (watch the video). They didn’t stop Det. Jeff Payne from arresting her. In fact, in some versions of the video, one helped.

A further point here is that the man from whom the detective wanted blood drawn was an innocent bystander in an accident resulting from a police chase. He was injured when the fugitive ran into the semi he was driving and said semi burst into flame. Why did they need a sample of his blood?

And why aren’t the other police officers in the hospital who witnessed what was, at the core of it, an assault and illegal detention and kidnapping of a nurse? They stood by and did nothing. Why? And why aren’t they also on unpaid leave?

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3 thoughts on “What about the other officers?

  1. It too bothers me that as a result of a chase and the trucker was involved as a bystander and seriously injured… I really suspect that they were not following protocol with the chase, or are fishing on this poor guy to absolve them of any wrong doing. Many states for example if you even have someone run a red light and hit YOU, if you have anything in your system even under the legal limit of alcohol you are at fault suddenly. So if the cops did something wrong involving the initiation of the stop and subsequent pursuit and this trucker had anything in his system they are absolved of all responsiblity and wrong doing.

  2. Yep, that was pretty much my thought. The patrolman with the body cam and the two hospital cops were clearly deferring to Payne as the man in charge. It doesn't make their actions right, but psychologically I can understand it. The guy that try's to 'bluesplain' everything to the nurse afterwards is the one that really irks me. He sounds like he thinks the law really does entitle warrantless seizure. To top it off he says in essence that if the police do anything wrong, it's still OK because a judge will just make it go away. In his case I think a fitting punishment would be a warrantless no-knock raid on his house including a body cavity search. Of course a judge would throw out any evidence against him and by the reasoning he himself used, that would make it OK.

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