Just as bad as New Orleans:

Seems that the City of Houston has been collecting MILLIONS of dollars in taxes to pay for Flood Control projects. They called it a “rain tax”….

Except that they haven’t spent a nickel on any flood control.  

Spent a lot of money from those taxes, mind you. Just not on flood control.

And here we have flooded streets and neighborhoods and such in Houston.

Odd, that.

Plus they didn’t draw down the reservoirs before the expected 30+ inches of rainfall. So when they had to release some water, they ADDED to the flooding.

Interesting, innit. Always cities with Democrats for mayors that have all these issues. Not all the cites run by Democrats for years have these issues, but most of them. Not to say that Republican run cites don’t have problems, but there does seem to be a pattern with Democrats ruling cities that then sink into decline…..

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