So, folks who should have evacuated in Houston and surrounding areas didn’t. Foolish, as we know what hurricanes do in that area, lots of history, so the areas that are now flooded have flooded before. No surprises, really.

Yes, this was pretty serious rain. But.

My question is this: The “Cajun Navy” came to help people stranded and in need of rescue. They are, as far as I can tell composed nearly exclusively of white men. And, as  far as I can see, they are rescuing folks without regard to the color of their skin, gender (real and perceived and identified) economic status, immigration status, etc.

It also appears that the other rescuers are nearly all men, and mostly white.

Where is Black Lives Matter in this? Are they doing any organized effort to help? Or are they only good for violent protests where the cops are held back? Are THEY rescuing anyone? Even Black People? Or is that up to those hated white folks?

Same with Antifa….Are they helping in any way?

Yeah, didn’t think so.