Cannot understand:

I cannot understand the thought processes of people who, even when faced with the wrath of Mother Nature (for which they maybe, perhaps, might have tried to prepare a little) Can abandon their pets.

My household pets are like family….

I’d put them down before I would abandon them. Anything else is cruel and heartless. Leave your pet in a flood? At best it drowns quickly.  At worst, it starves slowly. Leaving your pets to this fate is inhumane.

All those who did so are unworthy of their animals love.

2 thoughts on “Cannot understand:

  1. B,

    By all accounts, government officials advised the citizens in the Houston area (which include my brother and two sisters and their families, and my Mom who is in an Alzheimer's facility, to stay secure in place. It was only after the reservoir system overflowed that evacuations were ordered. For you to infer that people were not prepared based on available information at the time is disingenuous.

    Charging $300 for a $200 room is free market; charging $300 for a $45 Motel 6 room is gouging. You're looking at a % markup vs a 600+% markup. Governor Abbott today announced that gouging (which is illegal) would be looked at AFTER the situation had stabilized.

    In this article,

    a Mr Trevino of the regional Better Business Bureau states that gas at $8 a gallon would be gouging. The article also refers to $1 bottles of water going for $4 to $5 a bottle also being gouging.

    For you to be critical of the people of Houston and their actions without actually going through what they are going through is terrible behavior on your part. Your diatribe about the people who "were too fucking stupid" is more a reflection of YOUR attitude than a criticism of the citizens of Houston. I wouldn't wish this natural disaster on anyone, not even you B. What those in Texas are going through is hell on earth, and they'll be going through it long after the skies turn blue again.


  2. Gotta go with B on this one. I would grab one of my neighbors, and hollow out his body and use it as a canoe to float my dog to safety.

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