On this day….

in 1981, IBM introduced it’s first true PC (personal Computer). There had been others before it, but this one became a standard….and began the revolution that led to the hardware you are likely reading this page on today.

Open standards let this machine have lots of third party support,in both hardware and software, leading to a revolution in computing in offices and, eventually, homes. …which led to the expansion of the DarpaNet and eventually the internet and WorldWideWeb…..

They were expensive: $1,565 (in 1981 dollars…$4200 dollars today) would got you 16K of RAM, a 4.77 MHz CPU, and DOS 1.0….and  cassette port. The single sided 5.25 inch floppy disk drive was optional, as was the 1 meg hard drive (available later).

This was the first step towards the world we know today…

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