Innit interesting….

When Black people get together and preach hate towards cops and whites, the politicians are silent. They are, oddly, even silent when there is violence and vandalism.

Yet when whites get together (such as in Charlotte VA) and protest, the politicians can’t wait to trample each other to condemn such free speech.

Look: I dislike hate speech, from any source. But if we are gonna condemn such speech, then let us condemn ALL such speech. I do think that speech is a protected right, and if you are  I don’t like it, then that is too bad. Even “Hate” speech is a protected right.

But if we are gonna condemn some “hate” speech, then let’s be consistent, and condemn all speech wherein some portion of our population complains about and wishes death or damage to another portion.

If you were silent when the Antifa protests turned violent, then you have no reason to speak now, unless you are a hypocrite. 

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  1. In fact, in this instance, it WAS antifa who got violent, with the help of the cops. Just shows we have no allies in the Government at all.

  2. Wow! Just Wow! Mr Bogan, from your comment I take it the allies you ask for in the government are people who would deny the Bill of Rights to some groups while allowing other groups to have those rights?? Isn't that called being a Nazi? The "government" allowed this group to have their assembly, march with their signs, chant their chants, and air their viewpoints. Are you saying you want the government to allow the Alt-right to have their protest and deny the other side their right to protest?

    From what I saw on news channels, both sides were swinging fists, sticks, and clubs. Arrests were made on both sides. However, only one side used the ISIS playbook to plow a car into protesters from the other side.

    To paraphrase from another website: In the 1940's the entire world, including the United States, united to defeat Nazism. One cannot both be a Nazi AND a patriot of the United States of America.


  3. Dale,
    A similar "protest" happened in Pikeville Kentucky a couple months before. In Pikeville, the Neo Nazis and the rest had a permit to protest at a specific time and place. Antifa showed up to protest also. Everyone expected a Charlottsville type even to unfold. Instead, the police in Pikeville kept the permitted protesters in their space, and kept the Antifa hordes on the far side of the street. The idiot Nazis said their piece, the antifa yelled and threatened, and then when it was over, everyone left. No violence at all.
    The cops in Charlottesville marched the nazis out of "their" park, right into the antifa fools, and then stood back and watched. Looks like it was on orders from Governor McAwful to boot. There is a narrative being played out. Pay attention!! In spite of the enemedia spin, not everyone on the right that attended that protest were Nazis, or KKK. There were patriots there.
    If the young man is convicted for the car assault, I hope he gets the maximum penalty under the law.

  4. J. From where did you get the information that the cops marched the Nazis out of their park and into the Antifa group. I'm not saying you made it up, I'd just like to read that and see the context which it was written.


  5. The only evidence from those sources are in the comments. Comments from some like minded individuals state the police "stood by" as events unfolded. I believe that is called heresay. Someone says "I think this happened", and after being repeated enough times it becomes "This is what happened". Opinion becomes fact. Still doesn't make it true.


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