Like the Taliban:

Anyone remember the hue and cry when the Taliban dynamited the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan in 2001?

Yeah, that is the same way I feel about you folks who want to tear down monuments here in the US just because you disagree with what YOU think they stand for. 

Not just statues of Confederate Generals, but monuments to just plain old soldiers who ft for their homes. Few of them over had the wherewithal to own a slave. Just poor folks fighting for their homeland.

Yet you want to destroy ’em because to you, all things Confederate mean slave to your ignorant uneducated mind. Because some jackass whose knowledge you cannot judge says so.

I’m not from the South. Born and raised in the midwest. Yet your actions anger and disgust me.

Feel free to find someone from your culture’s past that is worth raising a monument to. Gather enough donations and have a statue cast or a sculpture made. I will support space in a park for that, if you can find a figure worthy and can raise the cash.

(Hint: That is how those statues and monuments got there….people paid for ’em and donated them to the city or the park).

Otherwise you are no better than those seventh century savages in Afghanistan.

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  1. This thing is a runaway train; a PC orgy.

    Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about…

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