Damn Straight:




Slippery Slope and all that.

You fuck with it, you won’t like how it ends. Your kids will like it even less. 

2 thoughts on “Damn Straight:

  1. An excellent viewpoint. Free speech is the law. But not without consequences. Ask Kapernick. Arguably the best QB not currently on a team. There are over 100 QBs in training camps right now, I can't believe that he isn't better than at least 50 others. But because he wouldn't stand for the national anthem, he's out of a job. Those are the consequences of free speech.

    BUT, the NFL is not the government so they can choose to blackball him from the organization. And blackball him they did. The NFL owners won't take on a person who speaks up about race relations, but they WILL allow wife beaters (Ray Rice), DUI killers (Donte Stallworth, Leonard Little), and woman abusers (Greg Hardy) to play a football game.

    The hypocrisy of the NFL is absurd. Society has standards and we should all decry the idiocy whether it is from the left, right, middle, Mars, or wherever.


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