Info bleg:

So Google has apparently begun terminating all google services to people whose work or writing they deem “offensive” with no recourse and no appeal. 

I use Gmail as my primary contact method for email, mainly because it works well on my Android phone.

I also have a Yahoo account, but that app has never been as clean and seamless as Gmail, and Yahoo itself may well be bankrupt soon, so I cannot depend on that either……

Can anyone suggest an Email service that has easy access from Android, that isn’t incredibly expensive, and that won’t terminate me of services because I am not Politically Correct…

Seriously, If Google shuts down my blog, well, then no one is really hurt. But if I lose my (current) Gmail account, I am totally screwed. I think I’d like another account that I won’t get cancelled on for non correct thoughts and all.

Anyone got suggestions?

Hat Tip to Angry Mike (see here is another way to give credit to the blog that you saw a certain article on….Is there a different way they do it in Texas?)

ETA (6 AM 8/23) apparently I am not the only one who has noticed Googles’s actions

2 thoughts on “Info bleg:

  1. Look into Proton Mail.
    Supposedly the most secure Email out there and it is free.

    I just logged in to my long dormant account and see that they have an Android App now.

  2. I've used both ProtonMail and FastMail. I prefer FastMail, but either are excellent. Get off Gmail as fast as possible. Also, if you need help getting off either Gmail and/or Blogger, PM my Twitter @CynicInChief.

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