And now I need a new financial institution:

JP Morgan Chase (Or at least the CEO, James Dimon ) has decided Virtue Signalling is more important then keeping customers. I guess he wants to look good to his guests at his next cocktail party.

I have a not insubstantial amount of money in my retirement funds through JPMC. Now I have to find someone else to handle those accounts for me. Sad, they’ve been handling my money for 15 years.

They chose to take sides. If they’d have just shut up and chosen NOT to take sides……Lots of firms can place trades for stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. I would expect better from JPMC. They are supposed to be professional bankers and investment experts, not Social Justice Warriors.

Anti-Defamation League? I sorta could have let that go. Maybe.

Southern Poverty Law Center? Nope. that is the one that makes me choose to leave. I won’t give business to anyone who chooses to donate to them…..especially in such a public manner.

Sadly, this hurts my local representative, who has been excellent in giving advice to me and helping me to grow my money. And he is the one that has to push my complaint up the corporate ladder.

I refuse to Feed the Beast. They can use their money to support anyone they wish. I just will not give them any fees with which to do so.

Y’all are adults, and can make your own decisions. However, if you are customers of JPMC, then I would urge you to follow my example and make sure they know why.

3 thoughts on “And now I need a new financial institution:

  1. Look into the Vanguard funds.
    Their funds all have very low fees, (Admiral funds/shares) are the lowest.
    I'm invested in the stock market 500 and the Balanced funds and am doing well.

  2. Did the same thing with local paper and Wall Street Journal after almost 40 years. They want to take sides and insult us day after day, no problem. Get their subscribers from those they are so eager to appease. Left Bank of America and GE as a stock holder years ago. I will not use my hard earned money to support those who ridicule my values. I may not be able to keep the gov't from taking my tax dollars and using them for things I disagree with but I won't voluntarily give to private businesses who openly support things I abhor. See how long they last without us.

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