Oh, and don’t forget:

Today is the Holiday for Mexicans in the US, but nowhere else in the world, not even Mexico, except for the State of Puebla…where it is a tepid holiday, at best…maybe some parades and such.

For the rest of Mexico, it is nothing special. In the US, it  is, somehow, a special day for Mexican Americans and their illegal friends. And an excuse to drink for the rest of us because cheap Mexican beer and tequila is on sale and there are drink specials at bars and such.

But mostly it is an American Mexican holiday, not a Mexican holiday. Sorta like St. Patrick’s day only with darker skin and black hair.

One thought on “Oh, and don’t forget:

  1. Actually it's pretty much a big "FU" to America from those illegally in our country. "We will throw our heritage in your face with a holiday that doesn't even exist at home just to get your attention…" Kind of like Kwaanza, only for illegal Mexicans.

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