Well, fuck

Trump caved on the wall.

Now we are told “Maybe Next Year”.  Trump “Takes the Wall off the table in Budget negotiations“.

I think he ought to sell sponsorships in one foot sections to citizens for $100 each. I bet he could pay for the wall that way.

So now we can add the Wall to the failures and broken promises, along with Repeal. 2 big promises that got him elected are being tossed by the wayside.

2 thoughts on “Well, fuck

  1. #3 Hillary for prison. I still want to see the Clintons all in prison. Never happen, but one can dream. He better start growing a pair. 2018 is not that far away. Empty promises may turn things in the favor of the liberal scum. Hate to see it happen, but Republicans have control over all, they had better start showing some results, or they stand to lose big.

  2. The problem is not POTUS D. J. Trump. The entire Problem rests with the Senate and the Establishment of OLD Farts in said senate. They do nut want to lose there cushy Positions they made under the previous regimes both dem and rep. If you want change in this country Trump was the start now get rid of those who oppose true America. Unfortunately 'We The People' have to deal with the leeches,succubus es, and brain-dead zombie minions of the left and the Establishment. How?? I have my own opinions as to how;granted it is time Not to be nice when dealing with such riff-raft. Match them level for level use their rules against them. Of course this is only my humble opinion which I am guaranteed by FIRST Amendment. The SECOND backs up the FIRST. AS Ramses said 'so it be written….

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