Bad boyz, Bad boyz…

Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when we come for MLK?

So they are taking down another set of Confederate memorials today….

Because when we decide MLK was not who you feel he was, when we decide he becomes irrelevant, when we choose to claim he was racist, or this deeds were hate speech, as this originated at…because some asshole wearing a Black Power patch on his jacket kills a white man, or wearing a Malcom X “X” shoots and kills a bunch of white folks…

You gonna dare to stop us from removing a statue or a bust of MLK?

‘Cause so far, people have been decent and let you get away with trashing their memorials to their heritage. You claim “racist” but those folks were all a hundred or more years ago.

What you mean is that you want to show how much power you have, as black people.

Symbols mean things to people. Just as you claim that that civil war memorial is “racist” and you revere the Statue of Martin Luther King……so does that “Confederate” statue stand for the heritage of the families that built the south.

No, it wasn’t on the backs of the blacks despite what your current version of history might represent….

Learn the truth, deal with the fact that those memorials are there and shut up and find a black person who will do something important enough to be memorialized and then pay for a statue or memorial for that person…..

‘Cause otherwise, someone is gonna start finding ways to denigrate MLK and we will begin finding excuse (like every black on white crime) to rename his streets and parks and then eventually pull down his statues (most of which were paid for by whites as taxpayers).

If y’all keep this up, yo won’t like how it ends, 

2 thoughts on “Bad boyz, Bad boyz…

  1. I've been following this. Ironic that it's the Mayor of New Orleans behind it. There may be a more corrupt, dysfunctional city than New Orleans but if so I haven't heard of it. I think this is more a ploy to curry favor with ignorant black voters who have received precious little attention from down town. It's a cheap theatrical trick.

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