I think I will just let ’em fight it out

Well, Shit.

So about an ounce and half of Never-Seize got loose in my truck’s toolbox.

At some point, there was a partial tube of Loctite Red that broke open as well.

So an ounce and a half of Never-Seize is fighting it out with about a third of an ounce of LocTite.

The carnage should be epic.

I just closed the lid and figured I’d let ’em finish fighting and clean up the mess sometime later.

We shall see who wins. 

6 thoughts on “I think I will just let ’em fight it out

  1. So… What you're saying is you're either screwed or unscrewed…

  2. I seriously think you can take a gram of Never seize and spread it out to cover several acres.

  3. Hmm, if were a bolt in that mess, I'd be so confused I wouldn't know which way to turn.

  4. Might as well have it declares as a Superfund site.
    It will take decades of work and hundreds of millions of dollars to get it completely cleaned up.
    I swear Never Seize has adherent capabilities clear down to the molecular level.
    Anything that gets within six feet of it winds up with some on it.

  5. I agree with B. That shit travels through osmosis and gets everywhere!

    Just hope some catastrophic chemical reaction doesn't take place and burn a hole through the box. Or maybe you'll discover a new product that stays tight until you want to loosen it. Bam! your $1M patent. 😉

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