A “compromise”

Nope. screw that. FULL REPEAL.

The issue is that the concept that the State is responsible for someone’s health care….that  as a citizen, they are “owed” some sort of free health insurance is, at best, faulty.

Until we get past that, there is no “compromise” …No Deal.

Full Repeal. Then we can talk. It is what was promised, and what we want.

Anything that keeps State mandated, State controlled, State paid paid healthcare is unacceptable.

Trump Administration Floats Compromise on Health Care

I want what you promised me….FULL REPEAL. 

One thought on “A “compromise”

  1. Absolutely agree. People seem to gin up "free healthcare" for individuals from the "general welfare" statement in the Preamble of the Constitution. Quite the stretch.

    Of course the left and the MSM have a big hand in promoting that misinterpreted statement.

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