‘Yknow….I fail to see the problem….

“Shame on ICE for putting New York’s immigrant communities—four million strong—in a state of panic,” said Steven Choi of the New York Immigration Coalition.”


“Every arrest produces fingerprints that are sent to federal law enforcement officials.”

Just what is the problem here?

Undocumented immigrants invaders should live in fear of being caught and deported.  They should be afraid. They should be afraid of breaking ANY law….for fear of being deported.

Notice in the article that many countries ….Australia, Canada and others deport criminal immigrants at rates higher than the US….

And, in my opinion, anyone who puts race or culture before their fellow citizens and the law is a traitor to their country. 

One thought on “‘Yknow….I fail to see the problem….

  1. I love how the MSM says that the poor little illegal immigrant woman in Texas being deported was Trump's fault.

    …Her committing ID fraud had absolutely nothing to do with it…

    …Nothing at all…

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