“A day without immigrants”

“Seems that in Chicago, there are gonna be massive protests over the recent actions of ICE in rounding up illegal immigrant criminals….That is, folks who have committed a crime HERE IN THE US AFTER ENTERING ILLEGALLY….And that, is somehow unfair.

So, a Day Without Immigrants…..(they forget to say Illegal, but that is passed by the media)……And, of course, they won’t just stay home quietly, which would make an impression. Instead, (surprise!!) there will be protests and gatherings and such.

And, oddly, a bunch of businesses in the greater Chicago area will be closed ….Restaurants, service facilities, other low wage paying, (relatively) unskilled job producing businesses. Odd, when I worked in restaurants, I could never afford to take a day off……

All because some criminals have been deported. No massive deportations, although, apparently, the threat of that has a LOT of folks nervous….it has , from reports, seriously impacted the Mexican (Latino) business community…..The one that serves the illegals.

ETA: It was pointed out to me that if ICE is smart, they’ll observe which businesses are closed, in order to know where to look for undocumented illegal immigrant workers later…

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