Yeah, when travelling, Uber is a really great way to travel from point A to point B without having to get a rental car. I’ll likely not use it except when travelling, but when I am travelling, it’s prolly gonna be my main mode of ground travel away from home.

If your movements in a city are gonna be limited, I cannot tell you how much easier and more convenient Uber is than taxis….Plus a LOT more cost effective.

Oh, and BTW…if you own any stock in taxicab companies, I’d sell it real quick….

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, Taxis as we think of them are dead….they just don’t know it yet. 

One thought on “Uber

  1. I downloaded the Uber app to my Android phone.

    On install I saw the standard warning asking me to grant necessary permissions to the app. It wanted access to call logs, contacts, accounts, location, browser history, files, photos, EVERYTHING.

    I said no. It didn't install.

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