Not a Trump voter, I’d bet

So, weather in the 40’s.

Go walk the beach again. I needed the exercise. Didn’t figure too many folks would be out today.

Put 20 lbs in the pack, some water, and a few trash bags.

Drove to the beach.

Foggy, but not raining. Was quiet and lonely…Just the way I like it.


Walked all the way out, couldn’t cross the stream…was running 2 foot deep and didn’t feel like getting my boots wet. So I turned around, took out a Menards bag, and began walking back, picking up trash as I went.

Was nearly back, when I met the only other person I saw on the beach. Large lady, not good shoes for walking. She asked what Iwas picking up.

“Trash” I said. “I got one bagfull, and will likely get another before I am done walking…I try to take at least one every time I am out here….Keep my park clean and all that”

“What a great thing!” she says. “I wish I had brought a bag!”

I handed her an extra bag. She didn’t take it.

“I don’t want to get my hands dirty” she says…

I looked at her…disgusted….”I bet you voted for Hillary”…..”Always want someone else to do it”

Walked away before I could get myself into trouble.

5 miles, 2 bags of trash. Was a wonderful Sunday.

(oddly, I picked up about 100 shotgun wads this time…almost all 20 gauge)