Traitors pardoning traitors

So Barry wasn’t content with his destruction of “Fundamentally changing” the United states, and damaging the American Way Of Life….he screwed the economy, doubled the debt (for no gain to anyone except his cronies) and totally fucking health care insurance for the productive sector of the population. These and other actions over the past 8 years were not in the best interests of the United States or its citizens….they come close, IMO, to Treason

Now, he has the balls to commute the sentence of Bradley Edward Manning (Chelsea) that traitor who turned military secrets over to WikiLeaks….(Were it up to me, he’d be shot, instead)

Only 2.5 days left. 

2 thoughts on “Traitors pardoning traitors

  1. OK, I can't seem to come up with a non-obscene response to this….

  2. Hey to a Democrat, exposing America's secrets = good, exposing the DNC's secrets = bad.

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