What would he think of the state of Race Relations today?

Of HIS OWN PEOPLE…and their relations with whites? Of black people failing to take the advantages given to them and build upon them, instead of wallow in their own issues….And failing to clean their own houses and their own neighborhoods…..and living the stereotypes that Whites have of them.

Of the black folks who survived the Civil Rights movement and have gained power in government but have done NOTHING to help the “plight” of their fellow minorities??? (Yes, I am talking about Jesse and John Lewis and others who have ridden the Civil Rights movement to gain power)

I think he’d spit on all of them…

2 thoughts on “MLK

  1. Events here seem similar to me to those that occurred when colonial powers moved out of Africa. There was a scramble in each country to seize power, and then those that were successful immediately disassociated themselves from the great unwashed and began to lord it over them like kings.

  2. Yep, total disconnect… I don't see MLK being happy about ANY of the situation today, nor those who were with him along the way…

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