another gun free zone shooting

Yeah, and the MSM talking heads are having a fit because the dude shot people with a gun that he checked in his baggage….and that ANYONE can check a gun by following the TSA rules for doing so. 

Of course, the baggage area is not a “Secured Zone” so there is nothing but a sign and a set of rules to keep anyone from carrying a firearm into that area.

The most odd (and sad) response is that “Other airports are increasing their vigilance in the wake of the shooting at Ft.Lauderdale“…Either you are vigilance, or you aren’t. It is like sterility in an operating room. There can be no half measures. Either the operating room is sterile,or it isn’t. Either the airport security is vigilant, or it isn’t. (Not that I think the dogs and the “cops” walking around are worth anything as “security”….slightly better than ‘Mall Cops”…but only slightly).

2 thoughts on “another gun free zone shooting

  1. But, I don't understand. There was a sign that said it was a gun free zone. Doesn't that matter to people?

  2. But Obama said that there has not been any terrorism in America since he took office…and this guy is another wanna-be ISIS, according to news reports.

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