So….will the Rockefeller Children stop their Carbon Intensive lifestyle?

Live in a 1 room apartment? Walk to work? Stop jetting about the country?

Will they push their friends to do the same? ??
Stop living in well lighted homes with lots of space that requires heating and cooling? Stop driving (or being driven) around in large cars, taking unnecessary trips to and from? Stop going on weekends to their other homes (which are heated and lighted even when they aren’t in residence)?

Are they gonna preach to their friends to stop jetting to exotic locations for vacations?

Nope, they instead go after the company that makes it all possible….That provides the fuel to make their lifestyle happen….

Rockefeller descendants speak out against company to which they owe their prosperity.

(One wonders….did those clothes they were wearing in that interview come from locally sourced fibers? …didn’t look like it…..And how did they get from home to the interview??? Did they walk?)

I’ll stat thinking Global Warming might be an issue when the folks who say it is start ACTING like it is…

One might think there was a book deal in the works, for all the media attention in the Right Circles….

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