Their vote counted

And one of theirs cancelled one of yours…

Have you ever noticed that these Hillary voters are afraid?

Afraid of…..Something?

Racism……Klansmen (even though that was Democrats)…..Discrimination by race or sexuality (perceived or otherwise)….Something bad to be Done in  The Future by those terrible Trump Voters….

No one knows where they get their information, really. It spreads via rumor, and facebook, and twitter. Passed down from one uninformed person to another uninformed person….no one ever questions anything…either the source or the veracity of the rumor itself….

They, apparently, have no knowledge about how our country works…how laws are made, how limits on politicians keep ’em from becoming despots (Although the Republican House and Senate DID let barry run sorta wild there)

Nor do they have the guts or ability nor the internal strength to DO something to protect themselves from these perceived future terrible things….

Those who didn’t vote for Obama quietly waited and armed and prepared ourselves for the worst….we hoped it wouldn’t happen, and waited patiently for the end of those 8 years….

These SJW Ex Hillary voters are gathering in groups to perpetrate the lies being spread about TheDonald and his racist homophobic gun toting, bible thumping deporting monsters supporters that will ship every islamic homosexual Democrat voting vegetarian off to a camp in eastern Slobovia or something…..

No one is willing to DO anything about it, besides sit together and tremble in fear while comforting each other.

And that, my friends, is why I have hope for the future of this country….

One thought on “Their vote counted

  1. …….and I WANT them to stay afraid until they finally get their heads out of their asses. I'm all for deporting illegals and that goes double for the muslim fucks.

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