Again, I’m not a fan of Trump. I think that there are a LOT of better possible candidates…Just none that got the RNC nod.

Ok, but he was the winner of the Republican Primary. The choice of the people (Republican voters, that is…) Chosen by the voters as the Republican candidate.

Now, back in 2012 and 2008, the RNC wanted us to support THEIR candidate. McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012…Remember? Put the Party above all else. Vote for the RNC candidate…..Support the Party’s choice…..

Many of us did. We held our nose, and voted for the Republican Candidate. Grudging support, but we did it.

And what do we get in return? When the people of the Party chose someone that WASN’T the choice of the RNC leadership (Not that I think it was a GOOD choice, mind you, but it was the choice of the Party members) ?

Yeah, No support for him. Lukewarm at best, damaging words and half-hearted.

And they want OUR support? Our contributions? Our help?

I’ve not helped, in any way except my vote, for the past two elections. And until they change leadership, change their attitude, change their ways….I won’t. Were it not for the fact that I fear a Hillary Presidency, I’d not vote at all. For me, the RNC has destroyed the Party….Or at least the pretense that I was a part of it.

I expect the same sort of loyalty to the members from the RNC that they ask from those same members….and I think that I am not alone in my wishes.

Fuck ’em.

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