I predict that approximately one month after President Clinton takes office there will be another mass murder of women and children,,,probably young disabled children by a early 20’s white man wielding an assault rifle….

The man, who will have a troubled past, will be on heavy doses of prescription psychoactive drugs. There will, again, be great and disturbing discrepancies in the media/government story about what happened…But the media will gloss over them in their attempt to shock us with the tragedy of all those young deaths.

Immediate calls for the confiscation of “Assault weapons” will happen.

Also a ban on any magazine holding more than 5 rounds because “you don’t need any more than that to hunt”….and that would somehow have stopped the murderous perpetrator……But the Meme will be loud and repeated often by the MSM….

Also a tax of $1.00 per round of pistol and rifle ammunition.

When Congress balks, President Clinton will do so by “Executive order”….Congress will stay mute.

Compliance will be less than 15%

From there? Who knows?

You heard it here third…

Buy your firearms and ammo if you haven’t (and if you haven’t, then you are a fool, and it is gonna cost you) before the elections, ’cause after that, chances are you are won’t be able to afford either.

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