If you are stuck line trying to buy gas or are bemoaning the fact that there is no water or bread or other food on the shelves at the stores in Florida…(and if you have the time to discuss it with the news media)…..

I really don’t feel sorry for you.

Anyone with 2 synapses to rub together has known for at least the past 4 days that Hurricane Matthew would be impacting the state of Florida in some manner. At a minimum you were gonna get some high winds and significant rainfall.

The fact that you didn’t bother to begin to prepare until 36 hours before the lanndfall, and are now stuck trying to find (nonexistant) supplies that everyone else bought 48 hours ago, and are stuck in a line trying to buy gasoline (either to bug out or for a generator) does not raise any sympathy with me. None.

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

Now you are likely to take the time for some First Responder or force the county or state to find space in a shelter for your sorry ass.

I’d let you drown or starve. It’d be better for the Human Race.

2 thoughts on “Y’know…

  1. One good thing is , they will be the first to die in a SHTF situation.
    They are the ones who depend on responders, who risk THEIR lives, to rescue their worthless asses.

  2. My journal entry this morning:

    Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on the southeast coast today. As is predictable, the populations of those areas, largely unprepared, are panicking. This is something I just don’t understand. Hurricanes are a threat EVERY summer/fall, EVERY year. The VAST majority of these storms form THOUSANDS of miles away, giving people WEEKS of forewarning. What do they do? They make believe nothing’s going to happen. Then, at the very last minute, they stock up… with whatever’s left, at whatever price the vendors want to gouge…er… charge them. Think of a SHTF scenario that takes the entire country by surprise…. TOTAL fail…

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