3 thoughts on “A wall won’t stop illegal border crossing!

  1. Did you ever hear of someone getting rid of mice by building a wall? You could build that wall clear to the sky above ground, and clear to China below it; those damned mice will find a way in!

    As much as I wish it would, a wall ain't gonna work. You wanna get rid of illegal immigrants? Do it the same way as you get rid of mice; set traps, and get rid of the cheese!

    The Border Patrol needs to have its handcuffs, the ones applied by Obama, taken off. It needs to be able to do the raids it used to do. THEY WORKED! There were no illegals screaming "SI SE PUEDE!" when those were going on!

    As for the cheese; make it as hard as possible for these people to secure work (and everything else) in this country, and most of 'em will leave! It's JUST THAT SIMPLE!

  2. Pete Forester1,

    Mines. Machine gun towers. Yes, it can work.

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