Interesting correlation:

You should read THIS…and follow the links. Especially THIS ONE

This is an indictment of a subset of our population, but that doesn’t make it untrue. It may be uncomfortable for many to contemplate, but that doesn’t change the evidence. Really, it trashes the social programs that attempt to push people out of poverty. In reality, these programs just redistribute crime to other parts of the cities. Not that this is a surprise to anyone with observational skills. Cops know it, the people in those neighborhoods soon learn…Lowlifes are still lowlifes. Being black just makes their contribution to the problem more obvious.

The fact is that a subset of our population commits more crimes than others. And that they have different lifestyle choices that make them targets of our police….because they commit more crimes, they are more likely to be pulled over and investigated by police….and their behavior after that leads to them being pursued and possibly shot and killed

This shows that the nice houses, the nice cars and the more prosperous lifestyle is a result of culture and decisions that are made every day…..moving poor people to a more prosperous and crime free neighborhood doesn’t change who they are. It doesn’t bring them up to the neighborhood standards of living, nor does it change their decisionmaking nor their lifestyle nor their culture….nor their way of life……

It merely brings the neighborhood down a notch or two, and brings crime from one area to another.

People are the problem. Poverty is because of the choices they make and the life they lead, not because of where they live. Moving people doesn’t change things….They bring their problems with them. People get the community they accept…. And accepting certain behavior in a community leads to more of that behavior. Whites do it too, but to a lesser percentage. Hispanics too, but to a lesser extent. Those communities seem to stop at a certain level of crime and refuse to allow it to go any further. At a certain point, people step up and do something, even if it is to involve the police and cooperate with them. Whites and Hispanics and other cultures seem to have a level of crime that is self correcting at some point.

Poor Black people of a certain subculture cause this. Not all, but many. You can’t change them, they have to change themselves.Exporting them to another area doesn’t fix the main issue. Putting them in a different area doesn’t fix the culture. It just exports crime. Then folks of a better class move out….no matter what their color. Rather than bring people up, they bring the neighborhood DOWN.

Yes, I know, pointing this out makes me a racist. So be it.

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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn't do any good top "step up and do something" anymore, as the lawbreakers use the law against itself for their benefit, following the example of the Lawbreaker In Chief, and people like Hillary Clinton, who is using illegal immigrants to work the phones at her campaign offices. Various "social programs" and "redefinition" of established law brought welfare bums and illegal immigrants into my neighborhood, ruining it. No one would help stem that tide; not the polce, the city, the county, the state, or the fed. It was up to me to bite the bullet, sell my house at a loss, and move somewhere else, with the certain knowledge that it's only a matter of time until this cancer spreads to my new neighborhood…

    At this point, I don't care if people call me a racist. That doesn't change the fact that what I see is the truth; not what someone wants me to believe…

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