More class

So Bernie has more class then all the GOP ex nominees…

He was able to suck it up and endorse the candidate who clearly beat him for his Party’s support.

Says something about the level of class and gravitas that our pool of GOP candidates have, doesn’t it? I mean, Bernie had the grace to throw his support to Hillary, yet Trump is still waiting for Jeb and his ilk to do the same .

3 thoughts on “More class

  1. You're right on that score. In their own defense though getting beat so soundly by Trump had to hurt whereas Sanders has a reason to be magnanimous at least in his own mind. At this point Sanders knows he has a pool of solid supporters whereas those like Bush just learned the so called Republican base hates em.

  2. To be properly cynical, I doubt Bernie did it out of any sense of grace or class. He was without a doubt handsomely compensated for his endorsement in some fashion.

  3. Aaron is right, the Dems have moved even FURTHER left… That's the payoff. sigh

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