The American only Mexican holiday

Cinco de Mayo.

A date celebrating the victory of the Mexican Army over the French Army at the Battle of Puebla.

It is, oddly enough, not a holiday that is celebrated in Mexico…..only by “Mexicans” in the United States. (Wikipedia link)

Odd that. Real Mexican’s don’t bother…

You’ll likely hear shit from La Raza types about the “Reconquista” and such on 5/5…

But don’t let anyone tell you it is a Mexican holiday, or a Mexican celebration. It isn’t. It is an American “Mexican” holiday.

3 thoughts on “The American only Mexican holiday

  1. Oh I don't know if it's only Mexicans, I mean every country needs to celebrate kicking the French. And since the USA doesn't have one, yet, we have to do what we do best and borrow:)

  2. The English equilivant would be if they were to celebrate their victory over the French at Agincourt in 1415. They won a battle but lost the war.

  3. A German businessman visiting the U.S. had the Cinco explained to him and remarked that if Germany made a national holiday for every time they had beaten the French, no one would get any work done.

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