So all those pundits

That complain that the GOP voters were fooled by Trump and believed that he is a Conservative when he really isn’t (I don’t think he is)

All those folks fail to realize that NEITHER WAS Cruz!

The sad part is that the GOP failed to support the real conservative candidates that looked at running (but were either discouraged or saw the handwriting and chose to not bother), and instead found and supported candidates that were so repulsive to the majority of voters that Donald fucking Trump looked good by comparison.

Until the GOP changes (or at least changes leadership)…..Until the Michael Steeles and Reince Priebuses are gone from the GOP leadership, they will never have a real Republican candidate….Until they stop running “compromise” candidates and supporting RINO’s and do their best to discourage the folks like the Tea Party and start withholding support for fake conservatives….. there will be no wins for the Republican Party.

I find it sad that Trump beat the best the GOP could choose.

The sad part is that it could cost the GOP the Senate and possibly the House.

And with a Supreme Court seat up for appointment, that could be bad for our country.

2 thoughts on “So all those pundits

  1. The GOP doesn't want to win the presidential race. The last 3 election cycles they have been able to point at the president and yell "vote for us, we can stop his agenda". The voters responded and took the house, then took the senate and in the last election gave them a bigger majority.
    Best analogy I've seen (Thanks Chris Muir) is our vote is the football, The GOP is Lucy, and the voters are Charlie Brown. Charlie has wised up and decided to walk away.

  2. Johnny McRino and Mittens were not even remotely conservatives. The GOP has not run a true conservative for President since 1984.

    At least the Democrats are honest about their agenda. The Boehner/McConnel GOP just lies to us.

    No matter how bad Trump may be, he has to be better than Clinton. Hell, he can't be worse than what we have had for the past eight years.

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