She will be

either Black, a Dyke, or a Poet. 

Or maybe all three. Someone the Left thinks is “Worthy” and “Representative” and all that shit.

Guaranteed not a conservative.

We don’t need to honor any old white men anymore.

I am nauseated, really. Not bye the fact that woman will be chosen and honored, but that they can’t find any other way besides removing Andrew Jackson from the bill.

4 thoughts on “She will be

  1. Knowing Obama, we'll see RuPaul on the next twenty…or Michelle Obama, whom most of the Dem base already confuses with RuPaul.

    • Yep. One hopes that (as the article indicates is possible) a saner treasury secretary will be appointed and reverse the decision before its implementation in or after 2030. Andrew Jackson belongs on the twenty dollar bill, for a multitude of reasons. Political correctness cannot change that, and should not try.

  2. Happy belated birthday – post was saved to draft by mistake but it is up!



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