How many


How many.

How many are going to be terribly affected by the fact that, if you were born with a penis, you are required to use the bathroom meant for people with a penis.

The way the Media acts, it is as if fully 1/3 of the people in this country are Lesbian/gay/bi/transgendered people, all of whom are going to be affected by the fact that, if Nature made you so you stand to pee, you get one bathroom, and if Nature made you set/squat to pee, you get another bathroom. …..But really, how may people of the 324(+/- million does this affect?

According to Wikipedia, the numbers break down like this:

1.7% are gay/lesbian
1.8% are bisexual
0.3% are transgender ro identify as a different gender.

Do the math. Less than 10 (9.7) million people are affected. over 50 states. so more or less, 200 thousand or so (average) per state. Yes, I understand that there are more in Oregon and California than Kansas…..

I am sorry that they feel uncomfortable using the bathroom that is designed for the equipment Nature gave them. Yet in many states, a significant number of “real” women say they would feel uncomfortable if a person appearing to be a man were to enter a women’s bathroom. More, in fact, than the 0.3% of the population that claims to be transgender (guys really don’t care, so that is a moot point).

Besides, if they’d appear to be woman, and simply go in and do their business and leave, no one would know.

But they remind me of the open carry folks, who “carry a gun at people”. These folks outside the mainstream have to “wear their differences at people. To be honest, it is getting tiresome for me.

At what point does the wants and comfort (not needs) of the many outweigh the few? Why do a very small (yet very vocal) minority get to say how things should be?

5 thoughts on “How many

  1. I do not understand why, if you are confused about your sexuality, you can't just use the "family" restroom that is now provided almost everywhere? Then we don't have men in dresses at the urinal, or dicks in the women's room.

  2. They get their way because they are a reliable Dem voting bloc. If gays and trannies voted reliably majority Republican, they'd have all been outlawed or rounded up for forced "treatment" by now.

  3. "if you were born with a penis" and still have attached to you ….

    Fixed for you.

  4. No, what's next, urinals in the ladies so the guy that thinks he's female can whip out his penis in front of your 3 year old granddaughter. No. If I was gender "different" and realized it made people uncomfortable I would have NO trouble using a single stall private room. Hell, that's the one I want to use if I have to share a bathroom with a male I'm not married to.

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