Where are the riots? (doesn’t matter)

I mean, a young black boy was killed. Gunned down in the evening just a few blocks from his home….

Gunned down in cold blood. He (really) was an honor student, with a great future (really!) in front of him.

Sadly, for the Black Lives Matter folks, he wasn’t killed by a white cop. Or even by a white man (Supposition, but there are few white people in that part of Chicago at night that aren’t cops….).

But seriously though…a young man, 16 years old, is dead. Shot by someone (this time not a cop though)…Where are the protests? The rioting? The screaming, fulminating hatred by the Black Lives Matter folks? Where is Jesse (the Reverend) Jackson? Where is Barry Obama? Where are all the other Black leaders who raised so much hell when a black criminal was shot by police? Where are they now?

Or do Black lives shot by other Blacks of no matter? Or is it because they can’t make news and gain power with incidents like this???

One thought on “Where are the riots? (doesn’t matter)

  1. It's not on their agenda… No money involved in protesting that…

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