3 thoughts on “I’d be embarassed

  1. Many people don't have any mechanical aptitude nowadays. Back in the day ( can't believe I'm old enough to say that) you took thinks apart and fixed them Now, you just throw them out. How many times have you driven by the weekly trash and seen things that never would have been there years ago. Vacuums , fans, toys, appliances. Etc

  2. I can remember trying to figure out how to adjust the seat on my trike, oiling the pedals and linkage on my pedal car and taking the training wheels off my first bike.
    Some people are born to it. At the same time, nowadays there is almost zero interest by anyone other than natural born mechanics to even think about taking something apart and fixing it. Also a difference is all the cheap crap that you can't fix anyways due to lack of parts and it being cheaper to replace than to repair lot of stuff out there these days.
    I have tried and tried to get my wifes kid interested in working on old cars and I get nowhere. He is getting his drivers license here soon and just expects us to buy him a car for graduation.
    The boy is in for a real education soon if he thinks I'm gonna work on his fucking car, I can guarantee you that.
    If it doesn't have a little screen on it in his hands , he ain't interested in it.
    That's just the way kids are though, they aren't the slightest bit interested in what us old fogies have to say, I was the same way at his age and kick myself almost daily for not paying more attention to my Grandfather. He was raised during the Depression, had an eighth grade education, was a mechanical genius and built houses in his spare time after working all week. Nope, I couldn't get interested in any of that. I did learn more than he might have guessed, especially mechanic wise, but I still kick myself for not learning the things he was more than willing to teach me.

    The kids now days are going to be absolutely dependent on us old folks now to get through daily life. They have no clue about anything. Changing a faucet, a light switch, all these little day to day things we know how to do are skills lost to this bunch.
    They can however, run circles around us in the electronics environment so prevalent now.

    Just wait until the lights go out…..

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