Hey, it’s a start.

Chaffetz wants to take guns away from BLM and Forest Service agents.

While I do think that SOME of these personnel have a need and a reason to carry a firearm, most don’t.

If they need to do law enforcement things, then they should get law enforcement support.

Much like the Department of Education fielding a SWAT team, there is overreach…not only are they redundant, they are wasting our money on both personnel and training and equipment.  Some agents of the government actually do need to be armed. This does not mean all do.

FAA inspectors seldom have need for a firearm. Same Same Fisheries agents. Same Dept of Energy.

Not sure where the BLM folks fall. I did think that hiring contractors for the Bundy ranch thing a few years ago was kinda stupid. Was more a job for the Sheriff or the State Police.

I can never see the BLM or the Forest Service or Parks Department needing a subgun.

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  1. Ok, but not the "Normal" DOE employees. Guarding the Savannah River and Yucca FLats and other nuclear reservations isn't the same thing. Besides, that site is protected by a private contractor paid by the US Government. DOE doesn't do security there

    I don't think DOE does security at Yucca Flats or any of the Nevada test sites either.

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