I know most are peace loving and all that…But here is the thing:

The followers of the “religion of Peace” seem to be the only ones who are blowing things (and people)  up, (now that the IRA has faded, anyway)….

I am over 50 years old (get off my lawn!) and as far back as I can remember, with the exception of the Irish it has been the followers of Mohammad that have done the hijackings, the kidnaps and the terror……And the Irish tried very hard not to hurt anyone….calling ahead to make sure that no one was around when the bombs went off. .

These terrorists don’t do their work in a vacuum, by themselves. The Irish had people helping them, and hiding them, and stashing their equipment, and FUNDING them.

Same thing with these terrorists of Islam. Someone is paying their bills. Someone in Brussels hid them, fed them, aided them and allowed them to do the work that it took to plan and execute this attack. ’twasn’t done in a vacuum. Someone FUNDED this attack, with funds to live, funds to make and buy the equipment necessary.

They went to a Mosque,….where?. Who knew? Who delivered packages? Who helped?

Until the rest of the Muslims stop hiding these people, start reporting them, they will always be pariahs. Always suspect. Never trusted.

My prayers go out to the victims of the attacks today.

2 thoughts on “I know most are peace loving and all that…But here is the thing:

  1. We can white wash it a bit

    A radical Muslim wants to kill you. A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to kill you.

    I have yet to see a major demonstration by moderate Muslims against the terrorist activities of the radical Muslims. From that I can infer two things: they are too scared or they agree.

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