Fixing the EPA ‘s fixes

So I have these new red plastic “water” cans. Oddly, some folks use ’em as fuel cans, don’t know why. I use ’em for, of course, water…. These are the ones that the EPA “fixed” the design on several years ago…

They suck……It  takes about 7 minutes to completely empty one…..They have the new design “venting” spout. Which means that the can can’t empty very fast because the “venting”spout really doesn’t work well.

Amazon to the rescue. 

These things install easily with just a 31/64 drill bit (and a drill) and a hammer to make ’em snap into place.

Pouring “water” is much easier, less splashing, happens faster (5 gallons in like 3 minutes) , and, surprise surprise, less splashing or spillage (and therefore evaporation) than before.

You will like these for all modern red, blue and yellow “water” cans. Fixes the EPA “fix”.

(check your local laws…these might not be legal to use on cans used for fuels….always follow the law)

2 thoughts on “Fixing the EPA ‘s fixes

  1. Funny, all of my water jug spouts keep running into hacksaws. I could just buy the high flow water spouts but most of them approach the cost of the water jugs themselves, so hacksaw and $.05 of epoxy will suit me nicely. At less than a buck a piece the vents are enticing. Just mind the power tools around the "water"

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