That’ll teach him…

So we have a new kitten. (Named “FIVE”….don’t ask) .

He likes to hide in the dryer. Which we have done our best to discourage, to no avail. (We are worried he will not be noticed and actually get accidentally shut in and killed in the dryer).

Yesterday, I was putting clothes in the dryer, and he, of course, tried to sneak in. Again.

I finished filling the dryer, set it for “AIR” (no heat) and closed the door.

Pressed ” START”

Let him go around 2 times. (only two, mind you, lots of clothes to cushion him, so I knew he’d be fine). Thre wasn’t even a “thump” as he went around.

I Opened The Door…..

He came OUT! at Warp 9 (and accelerating) with every hair on his body standing STRAIGHT UP and left the vicinity in full overdrive.

He hasn’t hidden in the dryer since. (and yes, he is fine, I checked).

One thought on “That’ll teach him…

  1. My mom had a little dog that liked to knock over garbage cans and root through them. I did something similar as you with your kitten. Pushed him into an empty metal can, closed the lid, upended it, and banged the side of the can a couple of times with a 2×4. He shot out of that can like a rocket, never knocked one over again.
    Sometimes it's best to let the kids burn their fingers on the stove, just the once.

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