Seems that we are going to get that 10-12″ of snow with high(ish) winds.

This will be the first real winter weather this season, and people are PANICKING. Closures of businesses in a pre-emptive manner are happening as we speak.

Yes, as I post  there is approximately 0.05 inches on the ground after a smattering of sleet. The temp is right at 32 degrees and there is little or no wind.

It is expected that later today there might be winds up to 25 MPH. Which COULD led to “Blizzard Conditions”. (Not what I was raised to think of a “Blizzard”)

Jesus, I had to walk to school in worse weather when I was a kid.*.

There is being safe, and smart, and there is overreacting. I think this is the latter. I could, of course, be wrong.

Jesus, people, this is Northwest Indiana, not Washington DC. Get a grip, fer chrissakes.

Now, if you will excuse me, I should go join the herd and stand in line to buy French Toast Supplies**

*(I actually only had to walk about a thousand feet to the place where the bus picked me up…..but the school bus ran until the roads were impassable .
** I actually already have milk, eggs and bread. Plus butter and bacon. ….I plan ahead so I don’t have to fight the rest of the herd. I also have emergency frozen bacon just in case. Plus canned bacon for serious apocalyptic moments.