So the boys (and girls) in Burns

are NOT taking the reasonable way out.

Seems the Feds are trying to end this as peacefully as possible. But the folks at the Wildlife refuge don’t seem to be reasonable (or rational). 

These folks appear to be suicidal. They lost, no one rallied to them. Their leaders are arrested (except for Ryan Payne, who appears to be a government agent (I could be wrong))

This isn’t gonna end well…..and it isn’t gonna be the fault of the Feds, either.

Y’know, the Patriot Movement doesn’t need whackadoodles like this.

ETA: Update:: They finally surrendered.  Which was the smart thing….. Having said that, I thought they were “Not afraid to die” and had planned to “fight to the last” and all that.

I am glad that it is finally over.