Down 80%

Seems that since Maine told folks they have to do SOMETHING in order to receive food stamps (at least if  you are an adult with no dependents) that the number of people on the rolls has, oddly enough, dropped by 80%.

Now, if the rest of the country would follow that lead, we’d be able to stop wasting our money on people who have no ambition…

Personally, I think that we should drug test everyone who receives any handout from the government, state, local, or Federal. I’d be willing to be that there would be a similar drop in participation if folks had to make a choice….

3 thoughts on “Down 80%

  1. Workfare… And yes, if they get MY money, they should be drug tested!

  2. I would extend the drug tests to government employees – I nearly wrote "workers", but that would have been just silly.

  3. Our local charity started insisting that recipients of food and clothing and rent assistance either volunteer to work there part time or show some sort of attempt to work, find work, or go to school. And requests for free stuff dropped by over half almost immediately. Culling out those who want from those who really need is something that private charities and local governments are willing and able to do while the feds just encourage more to come because it will lead to an increased budget, increased dependency and reliable votes from the dependent come election time.

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