Apparently Northwest Indiana has become DC

‘Cause a few inches of snow can shut down everything….

SO we got, in total, depending where you were, somewhere between 6 and 15 inches.

Lots and lots and LOTS of blowing snow.

Some drifting, but not that much. (‘Twas too heavy, for the most part, to drift)

And the Sheriff called a “State of Emergency”. Roads are closed for non emergency vehicles.(except snowplows)

For a foot of snow.  Big deal that a semi jacknifed on a State road. Some cars were trapped behind it. For (gasp) 2 hours!. Hadda be rescued bu the Fire Personnel. (2 years ago, over a hundred were trapped. We spent 16 hours ’til they cleared the wreck (s).  No “rescue”.  (Of course, we were only one group of many that year). This year, cars  trapped for an hour or two are news.

Last year, conditions were worse 10 or more times. No state of ‘mergency. We called it “Winter”

‘Twas slick and windy and poor visibility. Was winter. Happens every year.

The sad part is that our OFFICIALS panicked.   Shut everything down. For a foot of snow over 12 hours.

Over a (relatively) small and short lived winter storm.