Apocalyptic February winter storm update

Not much, really.

about 7″ of snow, a little blowing, visibility about a half mile or more.

Winds 15-20 MPH gusting to maybe 30. Roads are slick, but not that bad. So far.

And here, according to the Weatherman (men? persons?) , it was supposed to get bad……Blizzard conditions and all that. Hasn’t gotten like that yet, at least not here

This was what I call “winter”. A mild storm at that.  It ain’t sunny and 60, but it is February.

So far, at least.

I’ve walked in worse. For a fair distance at that…..Coat but no hat.

I guess the Media just had to have something to talk about.

Now if the power will stay steady, things would be fine.

ETA: 18:00 Central: The roads that were slush are now frozen with ruts. Just got interesting.

Still not what I (or the National Weather Service) defines as Blizzard Conditions.

The County has, however, declared a State of Emergency. It ain’t that bad though.

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