The blue cities are imploding

The Blue model is beginning to show the cracks….

First Baltimore and that poorly run police department (and the mayor who said, in effect, “Let the niggers riot”)..

Then we hear about the failure in Flint, Michigan. and the elevated lead level in the water (although I doubt that the lead levels in the kids are solely from a years worth of slightly acidic river water eroding pipes)….and the Hype by the Media is that no one can in any way use the water, even for bathing or washing……or even flushing. Instead, an example of how dependent these citizens are, is that the National Guard must DELIVER water door to door, because the residents apparently cannot even rouse themselves to go to distribution centers to get the FREE WATER…. The Democrats failed that city so badly that the State took over most operations in Flint….

And now, the TEACHERS in Detroit have become so disgusted with the conditions in the school building (Mold, Rats,leaky ceilings, rotting floors, lack of heat, etc) that they are staging a “Sick Out”.

What do these cities (and the Greater St Louis, and the Katrina era New Orleans and most “old” US cities) have in common?

Yep, run by Democrats for 30 or more years. Run into the ground. Political appointees with little proper backgrounds (Usually a degree in something like Political Science) making decisions that affect millions, both immediately and into the future…

Chicago, Milwaukee Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and many others are not far behind.

And now the cities are crumbling, and the wealth is going to the suburbs, or elsewhere, leaving only the poor to reap the results of the leadership failure.

Expect more reports of infrastructure failures and failures of leadership to come from these cities run by those who follow the DNC.