Or something.

I mean…..”Blizzerdd warnings!!!!!!….As much as (haha, you whiney little wimps) a FOOT of snow in a day! Zomg!  Prepare! (actually, in the winter (or any time) you should be prepared for a week without heat or electricity and the possibility that you can’t get out because of the weather…)..

The authorities are sounding the alarm:

12 inches in a day and up to 20 inches in the storm total? Here, we call it a “significant snowfall”…. and go on about our business. Winds of “up to 35 MPH with gusts of 60″….gee, guess you’ll have to buy a frikkin hat and maybe some gloves (although it isn’t supposed to be that terribly cold….).  Possibility of ice? Better get some (fresh) gas for the genset……. So you can power the Dish and all…

Seriously, this is gonna be a decent snowfall and winter storm, but the hype and panic are making me laugh…..Many parts of the US and Canada wouldn’t even slow down for a “Winter Storm” such as this….But because it will impact both DC and New York Cittee, the news folks are going apeshit.

If this happened in Rapid City S.D or OKC, the national news probably wouldn’t even mention it….