pretty clear

Read this if you need a pretty clear (and concise) explanation of what is happening in Oregon that has sparked the (illegal) occupation by a bunch of so called Militia…

For the record: I think the BLM has done everything they could to destroy the Hammonds, and their staff members conduct is inexcusable and contemptible….and possibly criminal if it comes to that. But that is no excuse for perpetrating a felony.

I think the fools that are protesting by occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters  are doing no one any favors, least of all themselves. I also think that they are being led by a government agitator. Sadly, this can only end in bloodshed or jail time for these men. Nothing good will come of their actions. The media will portray them as armed, aggressive fools. They will not get the support that happened at the Bundy Ranch. The Hammonds and the people of Harney County don’t support them, and they are closest to the area and the issue.

Sad, really

My only question: Will they be as patient with these men as they were with the leftist “Occupy” movement? Same thing, really, except the Militia folks are not yet shitting on cop cars and such….