As reported: The Executive Orders

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Closes ‘gun-show’ loophole

Require gun dealers, whether they sell in a store, at gun shows or over the internet, to conduct background checks on those wanting to purchase a firearm. The administration is not setting a limit on the number of transactions someone can make before they are considered a “gun dealer” but notes that “even a few transactions” can be enough to require a license and a background check. Failure to obtain a license can result in up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

So this really does nothing, as all FFL’s have to do background checks anyway. Unless there is a limit put on how many private sales one can do in a certain amount of time, this has no teeth. Private sales are private sales. If no records then who can tell? (there really was never a “Gun Show Loophole”) 

Close loophole related to trust and corporate purchases

The National Firearms Act restricts sale of weapons such as machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. In recent years, individuals have been able to avoid background checks by purchasing these weapons through trusts, corporations or other legal entities. The number of these types of applications grew from fewer than 900 in 2000 to more than 90,000 in 2014, the White House said. The order will require people purchasing these weapons through trusts or other legal entities to undergo a background check.

Not really a big deal for most of us, and it has only been a big deal (and doubled or a bit more) in 2013 and beyond…..So it will, at most affect a few thousand class three people…..most of whom did the trusts for other reasons than to avoid the background check….And very few people ar killed with either legal silencers or legal full auto machine guns.

State participation

Obama said Attorney General Loretta Lynch has written a letter to states urging them to provide complete information, such as criminal history, to the federal database that’s used for background checks. The AG’s office is also asking states to increase communications with anti-domestic violence agencies.
Again, really a toothless thing

Streamline background check system

In 2015, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System received more than 22.2 million background checks, an average of about 63,000 per day. Under current law, if a background check isn’t returned within three days, a dealer can move ahead with the sale. To speed up and modernize NCIS, the order directs the FBI to hire more than 230 staffers – a move that would double staff size – and complete technical updates to the database. The goal is for background checks to be processed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cool! better service! Yeah!

Lost or stolen guns

The order also stipulates requirements related to what happens if a gun is lost or stolen while in transit to a firearms dealer. Dealers are required to report lost or stolen weapons from their inventory but the laws related to guns that go missing during transit aren’t as clear. Under the new order, the licensee shipping the gun will be responsible for reporting it missing or stolen.
So a law is clarified. Cool. 

Mental health services

The White House is proposing to spend $500 million for increased mental healthcare services. Other provisions include reporting of Social Security information to the background check system, a move designed to keep those with mental health issues or who receive disability payments due to mental impairment from purchasing firearms.

Wouldn’t have stopped Homes or Lanza,  or likely kept Gabby Giffords from being shot in the head. I fail to see what, besides posturing, he is gonna fix here…Patient Privacy still is in force, so much reporting is still not gonna take place. 

Gun technology

The president is issuing a memorandum to the Department of Defense, Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security to increase research into gun safety technology. The memo also directs the agencies to promote the use and acquisition of new firearm technology.

So, really, the above is nothing but words. But that is all we really can expect from Barry, isn’t it?

Increased personnel, other measures

The White House said the president’s 2017 budget will include funding for 200 new Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm agents to enforce gun laws. Another $4 million will go towards enhancements to the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network, which tracks evidence that can be used to link gun-related crimes.

Why wait until 2017? Why not RIGHT NOW? Isn’t even one life saved worth it? Guess where Barry will be in 2017? Yeah, not caring, really.

So effectively, if this list is complete,, Barry is gonna make a whole lot of noise and actually, with the exception of better staffing for NICS and all, really gonna make a lot of noise, but really do nothing to change anything or do anything to keep people safe(er) from criminals with guns. (he won’t address the real issue: that most gun violence is from people who would look like his son if he had had one)

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  1. The most dangerous part of his proposals is the part about having Social Security turn over it's records. At the least anyone who has a "guardian" for their finances is going to be barred from firearms. The same stuff they have been pulling with some vets and VA payments.

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